Monika Plioplyte was born in Kaunas, Lithuania and moved to Boston, MA with her family in her early teens. Plioplyte received her BFA in Printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art and Design (‘12) and her MFA in Print Media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (‘19). She has been a recipient of Genevieve McMillan-Reba Stewart Travel award for printmakers (‘12), Blanche E. Colman Award (‘16), Professional Development Track Grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency (‘19) and Studios at MASS MoCa Residency (‘20). Plioplyte's work is rooted in her Lithuanian heritage and immigrant experience, investigating themes of history, myths, traditions and the impact of how they form identity. Using multiple media such as printmaking, photography, and ceramics she creates experimental drawings that deconstruct the encyclopedia of self and examine a continuous state of transition. In her practice, the point at which a drawing becomes a sculpture can be blurred, while printmaking satisfies her obsession for reproduction and multiplicity of details for sculpting. Plioplyte currently lives and works in Chicago, IL where she serves as a co-director and curator at Parlour and Ramp gallery and teaches printmaking classes at Spudnik Press Cooperative.